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Kullu region is a brim full of natural treasures – rolling glens and mossy meadows, rushing streams and meandering brooks that provide tourists,trekkers,mountaineers,artists and pilgrims an escape from the heat and dust of the plains. With spectacular mountain scapes brilliantly clothed in sunshine or shrouded by mist, the Kullu also provides a delightful shopping experience and is famous for its exquisitely woven colourful hand made shawls and Kullu caps.


Kullu at an altitude of 1200 m oriented more towards the Northern region of India is situated in the central part of the state of Himachal Pradesh.Kullu is at the confluence of Beas and Sarvari rivers.Kullu is located between 31°58'00'' North Latitude and 77°06'04'' East Longitude. It is bounded by Lahaul-Spiti and Kangra districts, on the East and South-East by Kinnaur and Shimla districts.


History says that according to records Kullu was inhabited only from the 1st century AD and was also initially referred by the name Kulanthapitha. Kulanthapitha means the end of the habitable world. It remained isolated from the rest of the country till it was taken under control by the British. Kullu didn’t have any prominent rulers for it was ruled by a number of local rulers in the medieval period.  


The ideal time to visit Kullu is between April and June and also in the month of October.


Dussera is celebrated in early October and it begins when Dussehra festivities in other parts of the country are over. It is the celebration of triumph of good over evil. Huge effigies Ravana, his brother and son are burnt. On the last day, with the accompaniment of a band, colorfully bedecked elephants carrying the statue of the Lord Raghunath's (local version of Lord Ram) idol through the streets on a palanquin carried by pilgrims. The procession is also accompanied by the devotees dance.



The chief deity of this area is Lord Ragunath.

The temple is the hub of activities at the Kullu Dussehra for all the deities from the valley comes to pay their respects to Ragunathji, as Lord Rama is called here.

This temple is at a distance of about 1 km. from Dhalpur.


The shrine of Vaishno Devi, a cave temple on the Kullu-Manali road is another important shrine dedicated to the goddess Vaishno Devi.

It is located at a distance of about 4kms from Dhalpur.


This temple is situated at Bhekhli, five kilometres from Kullu, famous for its Pahari paintings and the stone sculpture of a lion that adorns its compound.


This temple is located at a distance of about 10kms from Kullu at an altitude of about 2460 m.

You get a beautiful view of the Kulu & Paravati valleys from here.

A 60 feet high staff of Bijli Mahadev temple glistens like a silver needle in the sun which is believed to attracts the divine blessings in the form of lightening.


This place is at a distance of about 20kms from Kullu and on the way to Manali.

There is number of apple orchads and trout hatchery which draws tourist attention to this place.


There is a famous castle and is situated on the bank of the river Beas.

Naggar is also noted for its famous temples like Vishnu,Tripura Sundari & Lord Krishana.Naggar also takes the credit of being the capital of Kullu for more than 1400 years.

At a distance of about 1km from Naggar is the Roerich art gallery which houses the paintings of Nicholas Roerich as well as his sculptures.

It is from here trekking to Chanderkhani Pass takes place.


Kasol which is famous for trout fishing is at a distance of about 42kms from Kullu on the bank of Paravati river.It is an ideal place for holidays.


Manikaran is a famous place for its hot springs and is situated at a distance of about 45kms from Kullu.Apart from the hot springs it is a pilgrimage centre for both Hindus and Sikhs. There is a Guridwara here along with Ramchandra and Shivaji temples.Every year thousands of people come here to have a dip in the hot springs. There is a myth saying that Manikaran is connected with Lord Shiva and his divine consort, Parvati, who lost her ear rings here, which gave birth to hot waters on the bank of Parvati river.


Malana takes the pride of being the oldest democracy in the world and is very close to the Chanderkhani pass. Malana is famous for the temple of Jamlu and its distinct, social and cultural life.


The 8th century Vishweshwar temple of Lord Shiva at Bajaura, 14kms from Kullu is the largest and most attractive temple in the valley, famous for its intricate stone carvings.

It is situated at a distance of about 15kms. from Kulu.


Larji is a small hamlet providing excellent spot for trout fishing at a distance of about 34kkms from Kullu.The PWD rest house is located in a stunning position between the foaming torrents of the river Sainj & Tirthan, before they join the Beas. The place is patronized mostly by anglers.


Shoja is about 13 km. from Banjar, located on the Kullu side, of the Jalori Pass has marvellous scenic surroundings.


Kullu is famous for a wide range of colourful handicrafts.Colourful hand woven borders of the traditional Kullu shawls and caps are very famous.Mufflers, socks, pashmina shawls, Tibetian carpets, Chamba rumals and chappals and Thanka paintings are items which should be in your shopping list in Kullu.For a shopping spree in Kullu you may visit the Akhara Bazaar area that boasts of the Government Handicrafts Emporium, Himachal Khadi Emporium, and the Khadi and Gramodyog Bhawan.


1.Hotel Woodrock
Circuit House Road
Kullu,  India - 175131
Phone: 01902-254134.
2.Red Roof Restaurant
Prini, Nagar Road
Kullu,  India - 175131
Phone: 01902-253312
3.Royal Delicious Restaurant
Village Mohal on National Highway-21
Kullu,  India - 175131
Phone: 01902-222310, 260001
4.Silhoutte Restaurant
C/o Hotel Le Grand, National Highway
Kullu,  India - 175131
5.Symphony Restaurant
C/o Holiday Inn Manali, Prini
Kullu,  India - 175131 Phone: 01902-251777


1.Apple Valley Resorts
Village Mohal,
On National Highway - 21, Distt.
City : Kullu
PinCode : 175 126
State : Himachal Pradesh
2.Solang Valley Hotel
Vpo Palchan,
Manali Distt.
Kulu, Himachal Pradesh,
3.Hotel Aroma CLassic
Circuit House Road,
Dhalpur, Kullu
Himachal Pradesh 01902 223075
4.Hotel Alfa Morning Star»
kanyal Road, Simsa,
Himachal Pradesh 175131
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5.Chevron Valley View, Kullu
Valley View, Badah, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. 09418635537
6.Hotel Kanishka
Near Circuit House,  Manali-175131
Distt : Kullu (H P)
Phone No : 01902-252171,252271, 254271
7.Hotel Sandhya Manali
Kanyal Road, Manali
Kullu (H.P)
092185-25695, 0941828190

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By Air

The airport at Bhuntar is 10 km from Kullu, where taxis and buses are available.

By Trains

The closest narrow guage railhead is at Jogindemagar, 95 km from Kullu..

By Road

By road, the distance from Delhi via Mandi is 530 km and from Shimla this is 240 km. From Delhi and Shimla, luxury buses ply to Kullu.