Palakkad being one of the most fertile area is also popularly known as the "Granary of Kerala" is situated at the foot of the immense Western ghats.Palakkad was also known by the name Paalakkattusery.Legends says that Pallakad derives its name from the fact that the area was earlier filled with the Pala trees and it was a very dense forest called as Kadu.Thus Pala and Kadu soon got the name of Palakkad.

It is also believed that Palakkad to be the biggest mountain pass in the world because it is atleast a forty kilometer stretch separating the two folds of the Western Ghats on Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.Palakkad belonging to the God's own country is more of plains and less of small hillocks. Among most of the districts in Kerala Palakkad and Idukki are supposed to be the only two in Kerala which does not come along a seacost.

History says that Pallakad has lot of association with the Paleololithic period and lot of megalithic relics have been discovered from here.Palakkad is of great interest to the tourist for it houses forts, museums and beautiful wildlife sanctuaries. It has the longest river of Kerala flowing through the district which is Bharathapuzha.


Palakkad as mentioned earlier dates back to the Paleolithic period which is evident from the megalithic relics that is excavated from here. Recent records states that Palakkad was for long time under the reign of the Perumals and then their governors, the Utayavars.Later in the year 1757 Hyder Ali of Mysore made entry to free the land from the Zamorin.He did this under the request of the Raja of Palakkad.After Hyder Ali's period Palakkad was under the reign of his son Tipu.But however after his defeat with the British in 1872 he surrendered all his Malabar territories to the British. Following this till Independence Palakkad came under the Presidency of Madras.


Palakkad in the state of Kerala lies near the Palghat Gap and it runs parallel to the west coast of India, and connects Kerala to the plains of the state of Tamil Nadu to the east.


The ideal time to visit Palakkad is between the months of September to February.


Kalpathi Rathotsavam

Kalpathi Rathotsavam falls in the month of November and is celebrated with major pomp in the Viswanatha temple of Palakkad.The temple is thronged by devotees from different parts of the state to witness the temple Chariot Procession.

Vela at Manappulli Kavu

This festival is celebrated in the month of March in the premises of the Bhagavathy temple.

Nenmara Vallengy Vela

This festival of harvest is celebrated in the month of February or March which goes for a period of ten days in the temple of Nellikulangara.The main highlight of the festival is the grand parade of the elephants which are fully decorated and takes part in the cultural procession. As a part of celebration brilliant fire works are displayed along with musical and dance performance.

Pattambi Nercha

This is an annual Muslim festival celebrated to commemorate the Saint Aloor Valia Pookunjikoya Thangal.


This festival is an art form. It is patronized by the Nair Sect, which comes alive in the temples during the month of March or April.


Silent Valley

Silent Valley which has been declared as the National Park recently is situated at a distance of about 80 kms from Palakkad. It is said to be one of the few areas of the Sahya Ranges with evergreen forest. Geographically Silent Valley spreads over an area of about nine thousand hectares and it also gets its name so for it is devoid of the chirping sound of the birds. Another main attraction of the Silent Valley is the Kattuaiying variety of tree which is supposed to be very huge paving way for atleast 12 to 15 people to hide in it.


Malampuzha a very famous spot for tourist interest both for the people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is also popularly referred as the Vrindavan of Kerala.Malampuzha is situated at a distance of 10 kms from Palakkad is known for its natural harmony of the scenic beauty. It is a beautiful place where one can witness the dwelling of the mountains with the crystal clear rivers.Malampuzha dam has lot of features adding to its natural beauty lush green lawns, flower beds and colourful fountains.

Other amusements in Malampuzha include the fresh water aquarium, Snake Park, Children's park with a toy train and water sports. The place is ideal for fishing and boating. The passenger roopeway, it's first of its kind in South India, offers adventurous and delightful air journey of 20 minutes across the garden. The hanging bridge across the canal is a very interesting one. Also Malampuzha gets the credit of having the first amusement park of Kerala which is modelled after Appu Ghar of Delhi. The other main feature of Malampuzha is the rock garden done by Padmashree Nek Chand of Chandigarh.


Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary is situated at a distance of about 110 kms away from Palakkad.The wildlife sanctuary promises spark of rare wild animals of the area.Apart from the sanctuary the other places of interest in Parambikulam is the reservoir where boating and fishing is allowed for the tourists. Accommodation for people is provided at rest houses of the State Forest Department at Thoonakkadavu, Thellikkal and Elanthode and a tree-house in Thoonakkadavu.


Nelliyampathy Hills at an altitude of 1572 meters is situated at about 75 kms away from Palakkad.It is a very cool place to take off during the scorching summer. It is also an ideal place to take off on a trekking.

There is a place called Seetharkundu at Nelliyampathy from where one get a beautiful view of the valley and the district of Palakkad.

Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Fort is situated in the heart of the town and it belongs to the 1766 period which was built by Hyder Ali.Buthowever in the year 1790 it was taken over by the British and remodified.The fort is under the maintenance of the Archeological Survey of India and it is excellently maintained. The fort also in its campus accommodates the Martyr's Column, Open Air Auditorium called "Rappadi" and a Children's park.

Meenkara Dam

32 Kms south east of Palakkad, Meenkara is a fascinating picnic spot by virtue of its dam, garden, fishponds and natural beauty. The dam is constructed across river Gayathri, which flows into the river Bharathapuzha.


Killikurussimangalam at Lakkidi is the birthplace of Kunchan Nambiar.Kunchan Nambiar was a renowned sitarist and he belonged to the 18th century.Killikurussimangalam is his residence which is still maintained as a monument by the State government.


Attapaddy at a distance of about 80 kms from Palakkad sprawls over an area of 827 sq. kms.Attapaddy has quite few tribal settlements like Irulas, Mudugars and some settlers of Tamil Nadu.This area is still not developed and even now remains as a forest area. The tribes in this area worship the Mallesawaram peak as Shivalinga and also celebrate the festival of Shivrathri with great pomp. There are guset houses run by the Government and few private lodgings.


This is a thick reserve forest with a waterfall and is situated at a distance of about 15 kms from Palakkad.One can also trekk to this waterfall from Dhoni hills which takes nearly 3 hours. There is a farmhouse here which is into the Indoswiss Project of cattle variety.


There are 10 steps of Water Falls at Meenvallam, the originating point of Thuppanadu river. The height of the fall varies from 5 to 45 meters. Meenvallam is located at a distance of 37 kms from Palakkad.

Peacock Sanctuary

The Peacock Sanctuary is situated at a distance of about 30 kms from Palakkad which has abundance of the National bird.

Smriti Vanam

J.P. Smriti Vanam located at Walayar, on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, extends to about 100 acres. You can conduct a safari ride here and see deers, elephants and other animals moving freely. The park is located at a distance of 22 kms from Palakkad.


The Siruvani reservoir at a distance of about 48 Kms from Palakkad was built by the Kerala government for Tamil Nadu to meet the drinking water requirements of Coimbatore.Both the Kerala and Tamil architectural style is reflected on the gateways on either side of the road across the dam. There is also a small tribal settlement here like the Mudugars and Irulars.


Palakkad being more of an agro based town there is nothing in specific pertaining to the place. Some of the main items which can be included in the list are traditional bell, peacock villakus, thooku or hanging villakus, nilavillakus and utensils. This can be got from the Big Bazzar.Tranvancore sarees, Kerala souvenirs and jewelleries are other options for shoppers.Palakkad has highest number of jewellery shops only next to Thrissur.


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By Air

The nearest airport is Coimbatore, 55 km. from Palakkad.

By Rail

There are two railway stations here. The main one is the Palakkad junction situated 5 km. from the city and other at the town.

By Road

Palakkad is connected to all major towns and cities of Kerala through a wide network of roads and is easily accessible from anywhere in Kerala..