Tiruchirapalli or Trichy, situated on the banks of river Cauvery, had been a Chola citadel since the Sangam Age. Though the Pandyas and the Pallavas held sway in this region for short periods; the greater part of the town and the historical Rock fort, rising abruptly from the plains to an altitude of 83mts,as they exist today were built by the Nayaks of Madurai.

Trichy is also famous for the Ranganatha Temple at Srirangam,a picturesque island on the river Cauvery.Trichy is a blend of history and tradition, a pilgrim centre as well as a thriving commercial city.

Trichy is the fourth largest city in the state.Trichy is noted for its famous Rockfort temple, churches and colleges belonging to the early christian era.


The name Tirucharapalli was derived after a three headed demon named Trisiras with whom Lord Shiva had a fight. According to history Trichy was initially under the reign of Early Cholas only to fall under the Pallavas and then the Pandyas respectively. But however during the 10th century the Cholas regained their power and once again Tiruchirappalli came under the rule of Cholas until the decline of the empire.

It was then captured by the Vijayanagara Empire. But in 1565 the Vijayanagara empire came to an end and Trichy went under the rule of the Nayaks of Madurai and this was the period during which the city flourished and advanced in the pursuit of anything desirable. After the Nayaks Trichy was ruled by the Marathas, the Nawabs of Carnatic, the French and finally the British.Trichy are a mix of grandeur past and an applauding divinity of the Dravidian style temples.


Trichy is situated at a distance of 319 kilometers south of Chennai and 402 kilometers north of Kanyakumari on the national highway NH 45, it is located almost at the geographic centre of the state.



Jallikattu and silambattam is celebrated during the pongal festival.Jallikattu is celebrated mainly in villages in and around Trichy where the people try to catch Bull.Silambattam is nothing but a stick fight.

Float Festivals

Most of the temples in Trichy have a tank attached and during the annual festival the deities of the temple are made to float in the water called Teppam.

Samayapuram mariyamman Festival

Samayapuram mariamman is considered to be a powerful god and there are number of small temples with mariamman as the presiding deity. The three major festivals celebrated for mariamman in Trichy are poothorithal, pancha prakaram and Brahmotsavam.Poothorithal is mostly celebrated in the month of April during which huge volumes of flower is showered on the Goddess for one full day.

Brahmotsava is also celebrated in the same month and thronged by devotees from all over the country during which special pooja ceremonies and offerings are performed to the Lord Mariamman.The Chariot festival is celebrated after the commencement of chittrai month on its second Tuesday. Following that the float festival is celebrated after a week called as chittirai Thiruvizha and Teppa Thiruvizha respectively.

Allur Jalla Thirthavizha

This festival is mostly celebrated by the women folk during the puratasi amavasai.The celebration mainly includes performance of pooja for the crown and calf dolls. Along with pooja the women folk get together and sing spiritual songs. The celebration goes for ten days and on the last day a procession is carried out with these dolls and performs pooja, on the Bank of river cauvery.

Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival

This is a festival mostly celebrated by the Vaishnavites in the Srirangam temple during December and January. On the eve of the festival a holy door known as "Sorga vasal" is opened and thousands and thousands of people visit the temple at this time. The sorga vasal is opened only once a year. During this festival the presiding deity lord Ranganathar take the disguise of "mohini alankaram","muthangi sevai alankaram"etc.


Uchipillayar Temple

Uchipillayar temple atop the Rock Fort is a popular temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha and one can have a panoramic view of Trichy from this hilltop.

Rock Fort

Vadakkumnatha Kshethram temple noted for its Kerala style of architecture is situated on top of a hill amidst the town of Thrissur.The presiding deities of this temple are Paramashiva, Parvathi, Sankaranarayana, Antipathy, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna.

The other highlights of this temple include the exquisite portrait carved in wood in the central shrine and Koothambalam. It is here in Vadakkumnatha Kshethram the grand Thissur Pooram festival is held in the month of April. Entry to non Hindus is restricted here in the temple. The temple houses many mural paintings and art forms.


A picturesque sand between the Cauvery river and its tributary Kollidam, north of Trichy.Sri Ranganathaswamy temple here is one of the largest Vaishnavite temple in South India built around the 13th and 14th centuries.

With its 21 magnificent towers and stone pillars covered with a profusion of carvings, the temple is surrounded by seven walls within which the town itself is located.


Jambu is the name of the holy tree under which Easwar is represented here in the form of a Linga submerged in water. The temple is also known as Thiruvannaikaval, after the legendary elephant that once worshipped this lingam. The temple has some very interesting carvings.

Museum and Art Gallery

The museum consists of sculpture, art, archeology, paintings, anthropology, handicrafts, numismatics, geology and natural sciences galleries.

Viralimalai Sanctuary

Viralimalai is located at a distance of about 30 kms from Trichy and is noted for its Murugan temple and the Peacock sanctuary.


This is an ancient Jain monastery located at a distance of about 58kms from Trichy.The place has lot of Fresco paintings belonging to the 7th century which also includes detailed pictures of animals, fish, ducks, people gathering lotuses from a pond and two dancing figures. There are inscriptions from the 9th and 10th centuries.


Kudumianmalai temple is located at a distance of 25-km from Trichy. The presiding deity of Kudumianmalai temple is Lord Sikhagireeswara and is located at a distance of about 25-km from Trichy.There are beautiful sculptures and a thousand pillar-hall within the temple.


During the period of Chola dynasty Woraiyur was its capital and the place is noted for its handmade cigars which are famous worldwide.Woraiyur is also known for handloom sarees.

Samayapuram Mariamma

Samayapuram Mariamman temple is a very famous temple in Samayapuram situated at a distance of about 11kms from Trichy.The presiding deity of this temple Mariamman.Lot of festivals are celebrated in this temple throughtout the year.


Kodumbalur also known as "Moovarkoil" meaning three temples is situated at a distance of about 42-km from Trichy and was built by Boodhi Vikramakesari in the 10th century AD. Of the three shrines of Moovarkoil only two exist now. The sculptures of Kalarimurthi, Gajasamharamurthi Ardhanariswara, Gangadaramurthi, etc. are interesting masterpieces of art.


Gangaikondancholapuram is located at a distance of about 100kms from Trichy.The Brahadeeswarar temple here was conceived and constructed by the Chola king Rajendra I after his victory over the kingdoms in the region of the river Ganges. Apart from the huge Nandi, there are some beautiful sculptures including a dancing Ganesha, a lion-headed well, and a stunning piece depicting Rajendra being crowned by Shiva and Parvati.

The Grand Anicut

The Grand Anicut was built during the 2nd century by Karikala Chola.This is a very ancient dam built across the river Cauvery in Kallanai at a distance of about 24kms from Trichy.


Mukkombu at a distance of 18kms from Trichy is a wonderful picnic spot where the river Kollidam branches off from the Cauvery.



Trichy is known for its cigars and cheroots.The other items in the list includes handicraft,brassware,handloom textiles, pith models of temples and Rock Fort, wood and clay toys,jewellery, ornamental carved brass and copper plates inlaid with silver (Tanjore plates), brassware, silks, carpets and musical instruments.Some of the main shopping area includes

Big Bazaar street
Khadi Kraft, opposite Railway Station
Junction Road
Poompuhar Sales Emporium, near Main Guard Gate
Ramjee & Co., Andal Street, Near Fort
Saraswati Stores, Alimal Street
Kannan & Co., Big Bazaar Street


McDonalds Road

2.Ganesh Bhavan
gandhi market, 13, nelpettai street, trichy

Cantonment, 6, madurai rd, Trichy

4.Karthik Restaurant

5.Meridian Restaurant
Ground Floor, Rockins Road,

6.Sree Krishnas Restaurant
1, Cantonment, Rockins Road


Williams Rd, Tamil Nadu
0431 2461551

2.Ramya Hotels
13-D/2, Williams Road,
Tiruchirappalli-620 001.
Phone : 91-431-4000400, 2414646, 241474

3.Abirami hotel
10, Mc Donald's Road
Tamil Nadu - 620023

4.Royal Southern Hotel
Kajamalai Colony, Edamalaipatti Pudur, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu
0431 2421303

5.Kanchana Towers Hotel
Williams Road, Contonment, Tiruchirapalli,

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Williams Rd
Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu
0431 2461551

7.Ajantha Hotel
#6A Rockins Road
1st Main Road
Trichy -620001

No.11, McDonalds Road,
Ph : 0431-2412881

9.Hotel Mathura 9, Rockins Road,
Trichy 2414737 ( 7 lines )

10.Hotel Rajasugam
13B/1, Royal Road,
Opp. Central Bus Stand,
Trichy 2460636, 2460537

11.Grand Gardenia
22-25, Mannarpuram Junction
Ph : 04314045000 50 lines


By Air

The Tiruchirappalli airport is located 5 km from the city. Indian Airlines connects Trichi with Chennai, Sharjah, Kuwait, and Colombo.

By Rail

Trichi is an important junction on the Southern Railway. It is connected to all the major cities of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states.

By Road

Trichi is also well connected by road with important places in South India.