Warangal situated at a distance of about 131kms from Hyderabad is noted for its beautiful temples, picturesque lakes alluring flora and fauna all around. One of the greatest ruling clans of Andhra Desa made this fort city its capital.Orugallu,as it was known, is today's modern Warangal.During the reign of the Kakatiyas,Telugu culture and literature attained great heights.

Some of the finest form of architecture in the whole of South India can be seen in the ruins of the once glorious empire. Only the beauty of the surrounding lakes matches its historic past.Warangal was the capital of the Kakatiya empire.Warangal is well connected by rail from New Delhi,Hyderabad,Vijayawada,Vishakapatnam and other cities. The city is a cluster of three towns - Warangal, Khazipet and Hanamkonda.Today the city of Warangal offer for the connoisseurs of art, architecture and nature, a rich spread.


Warangal was mostly under the reign of Kakatiyas who captured the Kingdom from the Chalukyas and the Rashtrakutas in the early 11th century. The Kakatiyas get their kingdom name from the family deity, Goddess Kakati or Durga.From the kingdom of the Kaktiyas the first person to rule Warangal was Prola and then followed by Ganapati Deva who ruled over a period of 60 years and developed Warangal to a place with a rich cultural heritage.

Ganapati Deva was a great favor of arts and under his praiseworthy reign, the tradition of achievements in scholarly and artistic pursuits continued to glory. The Ramappa Temple and the Thousand-Pillared Temple is a very good example for his achievements. For nearly two centuries and till 1329 Warngal and the Telugu dynasty as a whole prospered. But however in 1329 the Tughlaqs of Delhi overtook the Kakatiyas and subjugated Warangal.


Warangal is located 145 km northeast of the state capital of Hyderabad and it coordinates at Warangal at 18.0ƒN 79.58°E.


The ideal time to visit Warangal is between the months of November to February.


The common festivals celebrated in Warangal are Id-ul-Fitr during March, Dussera and Deepavali during October. Apart from these festivals Warangal also hosts the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra or congregation which is a biannual fair and nearly 5 million people participate in it.


Thousand Pillar Temple

This is one of the most famous monuments of Andhra Pradesh and is located in Hanamkonda which was built in 1163 AD by the Kakatiya king Rudra Deva, following the Chalukyan style of temple architecture.

The star shaped, triple - shrined temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Surya,withs its perforated stoned screens, richly carved icons, meticulously designed pillars and rock-cut elephants, stands testimony to the highly evolved brilliance of the kakatiya architecture.

Bhadarkali Temple

Close to the Thousand Pillar Temple is another famous temple of Bhadarkali, noted for its stone image of Goddess Kali depicted in a sitting posture.

Warangal Fort

This was built by the Kakariyas during the reign of King Ganapathy Deva in the 13th century, the once impregnable fort combines geometrical intricacies and beautiully carved arches. The fort has 45 towers and pillars spread over a radius of 19 kilometers, and a temple of Mother Earth called Swayambu Devi Alayam in the center.

Ramappa Temple

The Ramalingeshwara temple, popularly known as Ramappa temple is situated in Palampet village at a distance of 70 Km from Warangal.In architectural beauty it is second only to the temples of Belur and Halebid of the Hoyasala empire in Karnataka.

Pakhal Lake

A trip to Warangal is not complete without a sojourn at the charming Pakhal lake. Moonlit light on the shores of this lake are simply heavenly. This is situated at a distance of about 70kms from Warangal; this huge man made lake is enveloped by forested hills.


About 80kms from Warangal, the Eturunagaram Sanctuary, situated along the banks of the river Godavari is home to spotted deer, blackbuck, neelgai, sloth bear, panther and tiger.


Located on the Warangal - Hyderabad road at a distance of 50 Km from Warangal, Kolanupaka is an enlivening fusion of history and religion.

Kakatiya Rock Garden

Kakatiya rock garden is located near the Fort temple and this beautiful garden encloses many structures in rocks which are lively, like the statues of deer, lion, giraffe, sambar, antelopes etc. This is a garden in which rocks are arranged and flowered plants are grown in a carefully designed and decorative lawn.


Cheriyal village in Warangal district is home to the famous Cheriya scroll painting. The paintings in earth colors depicting mythological stories find great popularity as wall decorations.

Jain Mandir

The Jain Mandir is nearly 2,000-year-old is ornamented with beautiful images of Thirthankaras.There is also a 5 ft high Jade image of Mahavira.

Sri Veeranarayana Temple

This was initially a Jain temple built in the Chalukyan style around 1104.But however now it is converted into a Vaishnava shrine.

Someshwara Temple

This temple is believed to be constructed by the Someswara III the Kalyani Chalukya emperor. The features of these temples include architecture influenced by the western Chalukyan period.


Shopping in Warangal is quite interesting and the items on the list mainly include handicrafts items, brass items, carpets, scroll paintings etc. Warangal carpets are quite famous both nationwide and worldwide. Shopping of Khadi and related products can be got in Khadi Gramodyog Bhandar, Subedari and Hanamkonda

Podduturi Complex is very famous for Lepakshi handicrafts.Hanamokonda is famous for brass materials.Warangal Dharries can be purchased from Kothawada in Warangal.Beautiful Scroll paintings are found at Cherial, which is about 30 kilometers from Warangal district at a place called Jangoan.


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By Air

The nearest airport to Warangal is at Hyderabad which is at a distance of around 130 Km from here. It is best to hire a taxi from the airport to Warangal as it takes the least time and is quite comfortable. It will take around 3 hrs to cover the distance.

By Rail

Warangal has its own railway stations that connects it to almost all parts of India. The station lies on Delhi-Chennai main line which has many important trains running on it and all have a halt at Warangal.

By Road

Warangal has good network of roads that connect it to all the important cities of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad is the closest major city to Warangal. There are regular APSRTC buses plying between the two cities. There are private buses as well.