Wayanad is situated in the Kerala border at a distance of 76 km. from the sea shores of Kozhikode and at an altitude of about 2100 to 7000 feet above sea level.Wayanad, the most verdant place is fully covered with green growth and is enriched with plantations, forests and wildlife.Wayanad, uncorrupted by civilization and pollution has lot to talk about its history and cutlure.

Wayanad has the power to enchant each and every one visiting this place and sure to leave them fascination. The name Wayanad is derived from Wayalnadu, which literally means the land of paddy fields. It is a quite interesting place especially for those who are looking forward for adventure for Wayanad has geography of hills, rocks and valleys.


Wayanad is situated in a mountainous plateau in Western Ghats.Wayanad is oriented between north latitude 11degree 26’28’’ and 11degree 48’22’’ and east longitude 75 degree 46’38’’ and 76 degree 26’11’’.


It was from the Pazhassi Rajahs of Kottayam; Hyder Ali got the control of Wayanad.But however later Tipu Sultan handed over the entire Malabar region to the British because of the temporary cessation of Sreerandapattam warfare agreement. After this there were lot of encounters between the British and Kerala Varma Pazhassi Rajah of Kottayam,for only the laters defeat.Varma Pazhassi Rajah along with his Nair and Kurichia-Kuruma tribal soliders tried to get back Wayanad under their but it was of vain. When the state of Kerala was formed in 1956, Wayanad was part of Kannur district. Later South Wayanad was added to Kozhikode district and then on November 1, 1980 North and South Wayanad joined together to form the present Wayanad district.


Some of the most important fairs and festivals of this area are,
Seethadevi Temple, Pulpally January 1st week
St.Thomas Church, Nadavayal January 1st week
Pallikunnu Church February 2nd week
Varambetta Mosque March 1st week
Valliyoorkavu Temple, Mananthavady March 14 to 28
Maidani Mosque, Kalpetta March-April
Thirunelly, Mananthavady Karkidaka Vavu, August



BANASURA HILL The Banasura Hill which is located at a distance of about 5kms from Wayanad is an ideal place for trekking. Once you reach up the hill, the view from there is sure to leave you with a long breath. The Bansura Dam and its resrvoir are clearly visible from here. There is also a beautiful hill resort named Banasura Hill Resort at the foothills of Bansura.A mini hydel project with the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia is being built here. .


POOKOTE LAKE Pookote Lake is one of the most famous tourist spot in this area and is situated at a distance of about 35kms from Wayanad at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. The sight of this fresh water lake between the mountain slopes and the verdant forests is extraordinarily amazing. It is from the Pookote Lake, one of the main tributary of the Kabini river namely the Panamaram rivulet originates. Apart from this the lake also entertains the visitors with boat rides. The other interesting features of this lake are the green house and an aquarium.


CHEMBRA PEAK A trekk to the Chembra peak is quite thrilling and very adventourous.This is the highest point in Wayand at about 2100m.high above mean sea level. It takes almost a day to trek up this peak and it is not possible to return back immediately. Though there are no hotels over here for accommodation, the tourism department arranges for temporary camps with sleeping bags, canvass huts trekking implements on hire charges to the tourists. The moment you are up in this peak it takes of all your tiredness. There is a small lake here in this peak which is always blessed with water even in peak summers. Also all through your way up to the peak you are accompanied by the the whispering of the flowing spring which sprouts from the top of the hill. It you are lucky you might also come across some wild animals like leopard.


MEENMUTTY WATERFALLS The Meenmutty Waterfalls situated at a distance of about 50km from Wayand is supposed to be the second largest waterfall in Kerala.After reaching Kalpetta one has to trek for 2kms to reach this place, only to witness this impressive waterfall cascading from a height of about 300m.The Chaliyar river is said to get its water from the Meenmutty Waterfall along with Soochipara, and Kanthanpara waterfalls.


The Kuruva islands, rich in flora and fauna is a popular picnic spot for those who are visiting Wayanad and is spread over an area of about 950 acres. This island is inhabited with varities of orchids and herbs along with rare species of birds.


Soochipara another beautiful waterfall gushing from a height of about 200m is located at a distance of about 54km from Wayanad.This is an interesting place for those who like trekking and rock climbing.Soochipara is otherwise popularly known as Sentinel Rock Waterfall.


Surrounded by bamboo forests, the Kanthanparra Waterfall is more noted for the breathtaking beauty of the path leading to it than for the fall itself. Though this is not a big waterfall the beauty of the surroundings makes it a popular picnic spot.


The Pazhassi Tomb was designed by the famous architect Eugene Pandala who is also the architect of the Bansura Hill resort.Pazhassi Tomb is the place where Pazhassi Raja, popularly known as the Lion of Kerala was cremated. The other attraction of this tomb is the underground museum.


EDAKKAL CAVES Findings from the archeology department say that Edakkal cave has took part in various stages of history. This place which is situated in Ambukuthi mala at an altitude of about 1000 mts is 12 kms from Sulthan Bathery.The walls of these caves shows evidences of civilizations that existed in the regions in the pre-historic times. Etchings found on the walls of these caves have drawn the serious attention of archeologists and historians worldwide.


The Glass Temple at a distance of about 45 km from Wayanad is situated in Koottamunda and the presiding deity here is Parswanatha Swami. The icons of Paraswanatha Swami and Padmavathi Devi set in the sanctum of this temple are reflected in a thousand beautiful patterns on the mirrors placed on the inner side of the temple walls.  


The Thirunelly Temple about 30kms from Wayanad is known as 'Thekkan Kasi', of Kerala.The river Papanasini runs through this place and is believed that a dip in this river takes off all sins and diseases.


This is the temple of Lord Shiva, near Choothupara, Meenangadi. The Shivling, seen here is Swayambhoo and the specialty is that water is poured continuously over Shivling through a stream. The amount of water remains the same even in rainy season.


The Valliyoorkav temple is very famous for the festival held celebrated here during the month of March.


The Varambetta Mosque nearly 300 years old is supposed to be the oldest mosque in Wayanad.


This is the only temple dedicated to Lava and Kusha, the sons of Lord Rama.There are foklores which says that this temple is associated with the epic Ramayana.


BEGUR WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is about 20 km from Mananthavady.The best season to visit this Sanctuary is from December to May for you can spot lot of animals. Begur Wildlife Sanctuary apart from wild life is also for the medicinal value herbs. It is the home of wild animals like elephants, deer, tigers, boars, leopards, etc. 


THOLPETTY WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary which is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere is about 40kms from Wayanad and spresds over an area of about 345 SqKm.Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary amidst mountains on all sides is home to 900-odd wild elephants, apart from numerous other species of animals.


MUTHANGA WILDLIFE RESERVE Muthanga Wildlife Reserve about 55kms from Wayand is also a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve spreading over an area of about 345 sq km.Recently it is been under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as a World Heritage Site.


On your visit to Wayanad never fail to buy the spices for which the state is famous.Wayanad is also known craft items made of specially coconut shells, ivory, canes, wood and metals. Cane furniture is noted in this region. The handicraft and handloom products of this city are a good bought that one can get as a memorandum for visiting the city. Above all never miss to buy the Kathakali mask.


1.Haritagiri Hotel & Ayurvedic Village
Kalpetta - Waynad

2.Issac’s Hotel Regency
Opp. Aiswarya Theatre
Sulthan Bathery

3.The Meenmutty Heights
Chandrgiri Estate,

4.Hotel Resort

Sultan Bathery

5.Green Gates Hotel

6.Hotel Mintflower
Bangalore-Calicut High Way
Sultan Bathery

7.ClayHut Village Restaurant @Wayand
Opposite New Bus Stand, Kalpetta,
Kerala, India


1.Haritagiri Hotel & Ayurvedic Village
Kalpetta - Waynad - Kerala - South India
04936 202673, 203145, 203146, 203147

2.Issac’s Hotel Regency
Opp. Aiswarya Theatre
Sulthan Bathery
Wayanad, Kerala
04936 - 220512, 320055

3.The Meenmutty Heights
Chandrgiri Estate
Wayanad, Kerala, India.
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4.Hotel Green Gates
T.B.Road Kalpetta
04936 202001

5.Hill View Homestay
Wayanad Dt.
Kerala – South India
+91 9447187404

6.Glenora Home Stay
Padivayal, Vaduvanchal P.O.
Wayanad District,
Kerala 673581
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7.GreenLeaves Habitat
Opp st Marys College Sulthanbathery
Wayanad Kerala
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8.Yellow Bell
Near KSRTC Garage
Kalpetta Po
Wayanad 673121
+91 9447138328

9.Hiliya Resort
Kenichira P.O
Near Sulthan Bathery
Wayanad District
Kerala State
0493-621 1575.

Home Stay Resort
Kanthapara, Rippan 
Kalpetta, Wayanad 
Kerala, India 
04936 280 550, 04936 323171


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The Kozhikode railway station is located south of the Manachira Square. The city is well connected by train to important places like Mangalore, Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Coimbatore, Goa and Mumbai.

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