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In 2011, the Indian turbine industry added 3,168 MW of wind power capacity, taking the total capacity across 17,000 MW. In 2012 up to July, 540 MW have been added. Industry observers estimate that the capacity addition in 2012-13 would be around 2,300 MW. Despite the demand for harnessing non-conventional energy resources, the wind power industry appears to be slowing down. The absence of a uniform tariff regime, uncertain regulatory and policy incentives, inadequate grid connectivity and delays in acquiring land are some of the reasons for this. It has been forecast that India's wind power market will see the current annual addition of around 3,000MW go down to 1,900MW by 2020.

Though India has an annual manufacturing capacity of over 9.5GW of wind turbines, the country has been seeing only about 3GW in annual installations under the 12th Five Year Plan target. India is fast emerging as a wind turbine manufacturing hub as global and domestic majors are beefing up their operations in the country and the country's annual wind turbine production capacity is expected to cross 10,000 MW during the current financial year. India is emerging as a major wind turbine-manufacturing hub today.

Indian Turbine in 2012-2013
At least 16 existing manufacturers have a consolidated annual production capacity of over 9,500 MW in 2012 alone and expectations are that at least four new companies could foray into the Indian wind sector over the next couple of years.

Therefore, over 20 wind turbine manufacturers and turbine suppliers may operate from India by 2013-14.

The annual wind turbine manufacturing capacity is likely to cross 10,000 MW during the upcoming fiscal year.

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