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Aluminium INDIAN ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2013 - 2014 Aluminium

India's production of aluminium was lower by 16.5% at 1.72 million tonne in 2013-14 fiscal as against the target of 2.06 million tonne, according to the Department of Mines.However, it was 3% up compared to 1.67 million tonne produced in the previous year.

Industry sources say that the Non-availability of bauxite on time for some of the units has crippled production and falling global prices also contributed to non-achieving targets.

Major producers of the metal in the country include the state -owned National Aluminium Company Ltd (NALCO) and private sector units - Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), Hindustan Aluminium Company Ltd (HINDALCO) and Vedanta Aluminium Company Ltd (VAL).

2013-2014 Indian Aluminium Industry
NALCO may operate its sole smelter at 75% capacity until global prices of the metal recover or availability of cheap domestic coal increases according to inside sources.The 4.6 lakh tonne per annum capacity of the NALCO plant at Angul in eastern Odisha has been operating at a reduced capacity for quite some time now. BALCO, with 3.45 lakh tonne per annum capacity, has closed down its old smelter of 1 LTPA capacity and hence the present installed capacity of the company is 2.45 lakh tons.

BALCO had achieved 2.47 lakh tonne production against target of 3.6 lakh tonne during 2012-13. Hindalco and Vedanta produced 5.75 lakh tonne and 4.33 lakh tonne as against target of 6.07 lakh tonne and 6.66 lakh tonne respectively. According to the Aluminium Association of India the metal demand in India is expected to grow at 10-12% per annum and this will be driven by growth in sectors like electricity, transport, building and construction and packaging. The total aluminium import during the last fiscal in India was 1.32 million tonne.

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