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AAI was founded in 1981 and is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act. Recognized and supported by the Govt. of India through various Ministries, and which are in particular, the Ministry of Mines. This is the only association representing the whole entire spectrum of the Indian Aluminium Industry- the Primary Producers, Downstream Manufacturers, Equipment and Product Manufacturers, End-users, Technologists, Metallurgists, Researchers R&D Organisations, etc. It is Internationally recognized and more appropriately the member of the International Body of Aluminium Associations.

Aluminium Association
To promote utilization and growth of aluminium and its varied applications like building, packaging, transportation, power generation, aerospace, automobile, telecommunications, etc. To create a common forum for most of the aluminium industry and its constituents to formulate common policies and strategies, maintain close liaison with Government departments, project and further the interests of aluminium production and distribution,

build awareness on health, environment, safety and energy. To enhance the role of aluminium which is in the national economy as an eco-friendly metal of unique properties. To disseminate knowledge on aluminium products, technologies, marketing, etc. To interface between the aluminium industries, government and institutions of higher learning, to promote the cause of aluminium. To create awareness amongst the students in technical institutions, universities by organizing special lectures workshop, etc. To organise media campaigns to project the usefulness of aluminium, etc.

  • (a) The number of members of the Association is declared as unlimited.

  • (b) There shall be Six Classes of membership mainly :
Honorary Member :
The Governing Council will have the authority to enroll by invitation any person of outstanding professional distinction whose experience and knowledge may be of benefit to the Association as an Honorary Member of such specified period as the Council may decide. The number of honorary members shall not exceed five at any time. An Honorary Member will be entitled to the rights and privileges of the Individual Membership of the Association. He will not be required to pay membership and admission fees.

Company Member :
Any company or industry dealing with the production of primary aluminium metal, fabrication or semi-fabrication including all types of melting, forming and finishing operations regarding aluminium or aluminium alloys products and who subscribes to the objects of the Association and agrees to abide by its constitution will be eligible to be a Company Member of the Association on payment of the prescribed admission and membership fees provided its application is accepted by the Governing Council of the Association. This class of membership has been divided into a suitable number of categories.

Association Member :
An association, society or other body representing groups(s) of Industries, fabricators, educationists, researchers, users, government departments or organization, research institutes, industrial laboratories, societies, official bodies, etc., which subscribes to the objects of the Association and agrees to abide by its constitution will be eligible to become an Association Member. Each Company Member or Association Member shall also have the right to nominate a representative to represent it on the Association. The name of such nominee should be registered in the books of the Association and he will be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the membership of the Association.

Individual Member:
A person interested in activities relating to aluminium such as industry, research, development, consultancy, technology, management, industrial relations, etc., may be enrolled as an Individual Member on payment of the prescribed admission and membership fees provided his application is accepted by the Council of the Association.

Life Member :
A Company Member or an Association Member or an Individual Member who is eligible to be admitted or has been admitted to the membership of the Association can, by paying ten times the subscription of that class or category of membership in one lump sum or in installments as decided by the Council, become eligible to be enrolled as a life Member of the Association subject to the approval of the Council. He shall belong to most of the class of membership to which he would be admitted and will have the rights and privileges pertaining to that class of membership.

Individual Member:
A student of engineering, science, technology, management etc., below 25 years of age would also be eligible to become a Student Member on his being admitted by the Governing Council and on payment of the prescribed subscription. He shall not have voting rights and also shall not be an office bearer of the Association or a member of the Council. He will cease to be most a Student Member on attainment of 30 years or on completion of his studies, whichever is earlier. The General Body can revise or amend the schedule of fees shown above, provided two-thirds of its members present and voting at a General Body Meeting approve the revision amendment.

Admission to Membership:
Application for membership of all categories except for Honorary Member shall be sent in the prescribed form together with the Admission and Membership Fees prescribed for the class of membership to the General Secretary. The minimum age for an individual member should be 18 years. The Governing Council shall also have the power to accept or reject any application.

Privileges of Members
A member of the Association shall be entitled to:
  • Obtain gratis such publications of the Association as are usually meant for circulation to members and its priced publications at concessional rates.

  • The use of the Association's library and other such facilities intended for its constituents. Elect and/or stand for such election for the office of the Association.
Termination of Membership:
A member of the Association usually shall cease to be member on account of any of the following:
  • On his resignation being accepted by the Council or on the expiry of three months from the date of his resignation, whichever is earlier.

  • On his maintianing arrears in respect of the payment of membership and other dues to the Association for two financial years,

  • On the Council funding by two-thirds majority of its and also the members present and voting at a meeting that the activities of such Member are considered repugnant to or such that there are good and sufficient reasons to believe that his activities and conduct are detrimental to the working of the Association and/or likely to damage the Association, provided the member concerned has been served with a showcase notice and given reasonable opportunity to explain his conduct.


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