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Indian Electronic IndustryINDIAN ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2013 - 2014 Indian Electronic Industry

Consumer electronics registered faster volume growth in 2013 when compared to the previous years. This was mainly due to a strong economic development and rising disposable incomes during the year.

Increasing demand for tablets, smart-phones and LED TVs ensured positive volume growth for consumer electronics in 2013. Frequent launches of high-tech new electronic products stimulated retail growth of the Indian Electronic industry during 2013. Tablet volume sales exceeded volume sales of laptops in 2013 as high-spec tablets are becoming available at affordable prices. Volume sales of laptops slowed down during 2013, although laptops still managed to register positive volume growth.

Indian Electronics Industry in 2013-2014
Nokia India Pvt Ltd and Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd continued to lead consumer electronics in India in 2013. LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd and Sony India Pvt Ltd were the other leading multinational companies in 2013.

Micromax Informatics Ltd with its strong smart-phone and tablet portfolios was able to maintain third position in consumer electronics in India during 2013.

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