Indian Banking Industry



It was formed on the 26th of September, 1946 with 22 members. As on 31st March 2012, IBA has 173 members. The members comprise of Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks having offices in India and Urban Co-operative Banks.

  • To promote and develop in India sound and progressive banking principles, practices and conventions and to contribute to the development of creative banking.

  • To render assistance and also to provide various common services to Members and to the banking industry.

  • To develop and implement many new ideas and innovations in banking services, operations and procedures.

  • To organize co-ordinate most of the procedural, legal, technical, administrative or professional problems and practices of banks and the banking industry.

  • To initiate advance planning for introduction of new systems or services in the banking industry.

  • To collect, classify and circulate statistical and other information on the structure and working of the banking system.

  • To act as a clearing house for dissemination and exchange of statistical data, information, views and opinions on the systems, procedures and practices, and organization and methods of banks and on the structure, working and operations of the banking system

  • To explore, plan, co-ordinate and also to organize detailed surveys on banking, business, resources, personnel and management development programmes of banks and the banking industry.

  • To pool together talents and resources available with members and to organize exchange of expertise and experiences of members for simplifying forms and procedures, for reducing cost of operations, for increasing efficiency and productivity and for such other common purposes as may be necessary or relevant to banks and the banking industry.

  • To organize exchange of credit information, export information or information and views on any other aspects of interest to banks or the banking industry.

  • To promote education and knowledge of the law and practice of banking.

  • To issue periodical newsletters, bulletins or magazines and to publish books, pamphlets or other literature on matters of interest to members and to the banking industry.

  • To project a good public image of banking as a service industry and develop good public relations.

  • To promote harmonious personnel relations mostly in banking industry and to devise ways and means for involving banking personnel in the endeavors of banks for growth and development of banking and the economy of the country.

  • To organize, promote and also to afford facilities for indoor and outdoor games, any form of sports, recreation, sports competitions, events, cultural activities, social activities, fine arts, social meetings, entertainments and to organize meetings for the above purposes and to provide for purposes by purchasing, acquiring, taking on lease, own, hire or otherwise playing fields, grounds, buildings, pavilions and other facilities.

  • To give financial assistance to individuals or bodies, from out of its own funds, or by collection from its members, or from any other source, and for the purpose of such collection, to accept grants, donations, etc. in cash or kind from Government, its members, other organizations, members of the public, etc. and to collect subscriptions, membership and other fees and to levy fees or charges for the use of the facilities and to raise funds in any manner to strengthen the financial position of the Association, from time to time, for the purpose of providing education, training and facilities for imparting basic, advance knowledge and techniques in games, sports, cultural activities, social activities, fine arts, etc. and to give donations, most of the technical and other assistance, sports equipments, sports facilities and expert guidance to organizers for this purpose whether its members or not and to conduct, organize, participate or to associate itself in State-Level, Nation, International Tournaments and competitions pertaining to sports, cultural activities, social activities, fine arts, etc., held in or outside India.

  • To maintain mainly the continuous communications with the representatives of bank employees, to conduct talks, discussions, and negotiations with them and to arrive at Settlements.

  • To provide most of the assistance and guidance to members in interpretation and implementation of Awards, Settlements, etc.

  • To assist, advise and guide all members and the smaller members in particular on all their needs, difficulties and problems of growth, development and working.

  • To act as an agent or a representative of a member or members in respect of matters connected with any of their operations working or administration.

  • To maintain most of the close co-ordination and liaison with Reserve Bank of India, All Financial Institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Organisations of Banking Industry, Management or Educational Institutes, Universities and such other Organisations for realizing the subject and purposes of the Association.

  • Generally to do all and any other thing that may be necessary or relevant for the realization of the objects and purposes of the Association directly or indirectly.

  • To carry on publicity for the purpose of educating public opinion with regard to the scope, importance and activities of the banking industry, for creative growth and development.
  • To do all and such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects.

  • 1. Carrying on the business of, Banking in India

  • 2. Governed by the Banking Regulation Act, 1949
banks' association
The Foreign Banks would be eligible to become Ordinary Members of the Association which are carrying on the business of banking in India through a branch as per the licence given by the Reserve Bank of India. Only those Co-operative Banks shall be eligible to become Ordinary Members which are Urban Co-operative Banks, working funds of which are at least Rs.50 crores except that most of the existing ordinary members not fulfilling the revised eligibility criteria may continue as such or may opt to be associate Members.

Any Society, Association or Organization, which, in the opinion of the Managing Committee is connected with the banking industry or any financial institution approved by the Managing Committee or any co-operative Bank or Foreign Bank having an office in India not eligible to become an Ordinary Member shall be eligible to become an Associate Member of the association.

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