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HAI was established in 1996, which is the apex organization of the Indian Hospitality industry. With its membership mostly extending from the major hotel groups, boutique hotels, heritage hotels, large, medium sized and smaller hotels, it represents the entire spectrum of the industry.

Hotel Association
Its Executive Committee is the most potent combination of the commitment of hotel owners on one hand and hard-core professionalism of hotel managers on the other. From Industry veterans to budding hoteliers, the committee is charged with experience and fresh ideas in its determination to shape a bright future for the Hotel Industry in India. The current membership of the association is about 300 hotels from across the length and breadth of the country.

To secure for the hotel industry its due place in India's economy; project its role as a contributor to employment generation and sustainable economic and social development; highlight its crucial role in the service to tourism industry as the largest net foreign exchange earner; help raise the standards of hoteliering and to build an image for this industry both within and outside the country.

  • To plan, promote and protect by lawful means and even the interests of the Hotel Industry.

  • To secure the place for the industry in India's economy, and highlight its crucial role in the service of tourism industry.

  • To help raise the standards, growth, efficiency and an image of the Industry both in India and abroad.

  • to project Industry's role as a contributor to the employment generation, through expansion of services for domestic/export markets.

  • to aim for globalization of the Industry and its integration with the world economy in conformity with the national policies;

  • to take up, consider mainly the issues of national and international importance affecting the Industry.

  • to communicate with Industrial Associations,the Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial or public bodies, within and outside India and to concentrate on promotional measures for protection of business and commercial activities of the Industry.

  • to give high priority to activities designed to bring about improvement in the performance of Industry such as Energy Conservation, R&D, Export, Technology Transfer and Development, Human Resources Development, Quality, Productivity, etc.

  • to undertake, organize and facilitate national and international Conferences, Seminars, Study Courses, Lectures, develop action oriented programs and similar other activities in the interest of the Industry at such place/places (both in India and abroad) and at such time as may be determined.

  • to establish subsidies, promote, also maintain close contact, co-operate or amalgamate with, affiliate or become affiliated to any Federation or join any Association, act as trustees or agents for, or manage, control, superintend, lend monetary assistance to or otherwise assist any Association and Institutions incorporated or not incorporated with objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Association and which may prohibit the payment of such profit to its members.

  • to collect, diffuse and disseminate statistical information for mostly the commercial information, affecting the Industry, and travel agencies, etc. among the members.

  • to issue, publish and circulate in India and abroad papers, periodicals, books, circulars, pamphlets and other literature as may be conducive to any of the objects or calculated to advance the interests of the Industry and to publish a Hotel Guide or Journals as and when required as priced publications or otherwise.

  • to establish and maintain libraries and Data Bank so that timely information, data, advisory and research services can be provided and the study of advanced trends and problems, etc., of the Industry can be facilitated, both in India and abroad.

  • to acquire any patents or licenses relating to such inventions for use by members on such terms as may be agreed upon and to seek appropriate modification of legislative or other measures affecting the Industry and allied subjects.

  • to apply for and obtain any rights, concessions and privileges from and to enter into any arrangement that may seem directly or indirectly conducive to the objects of this Association, with any Authorities, central, local or otherwise.

  • to establish a network at the National, Regional and State levels in order that grass-roots services and relationships are formed for the purposes of the promotion of the objects of the Association.

  • to serve the small, medium and large sectors of the Industry on a harmonious basis.

  • to constitute and maintain co-operation and encourage friendly feeling and unanimity among the members and others engaged in the Industry on all subjects connected with their common good.

  • to enquire and settle the dispute or controversies which are arising among the members of the Association and to arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising out of transactions between parties willing to abide by the decision of the Association.

  • to constitute and maintain a Human Resources Centre for qualified staff, to select Managers, Chefs, Confectioners, Maitre d' hotel, Bartenders, House keepers, etc., as and when needed by hotels in different regions, and to consider labour and personnel problems faced thereto by the Industry.

  • to plan, promote, and provide for training in all operations and management of the Industry and other sectors as may be approved by the Management Committee from time to time.

  • to establish and maintain a Corpus or any other Fund with the contributions of the members and with all other finances acquired by the Association in any other way for any of specific purposes or generally to carry out the purposes of the Association.

  • to assign to any class of members any preferential, special or qualified rights or privileges over or as compared with any other members as regards voting or otherwise howsoever.

  • generally to do all that may be necessary in the interests of the realisation of the objects of the Association directly.
HAI - Hotel Association of India - an exclusive forum of the Indian Hotel Industry.
  • Provides information advisory, and most importantly consultative and representative services to the industry and Government.

  • Serves as a national point of reference for the industry in India.

  • Functions through a federal three-tier structure at the National level, State level and City level through Voluntary Chapters.

  • Acts as a catalyst for industry action which is in regard to quality, productivity and human resource development.

  • It is represented on all major policy making bodies concerned with the industry.

  • Organises Seminar, Workshops, Research studies in the interest of the industry.

Hotel Association of India has recently organized Hotelier's Conclave- a first of its kind, event in New Delhi. The conclave brought together owners and General Managers of Indian Hotels - veterans of the industry and budding professionals with the policy makers of the country.

Hotel Industry
According to a study, 42 million jobs have been generated directly or indirectly in past three years through tourism. Hence there is a need for 150,000 rooms in all categories of hotels and for services in these rooms more than 2 lakh jobs have to be created. The serious bottlenecks of land scarcity, high taxation rates and infrastructural inadequacies are hampering growth of tourism sector. But there is a note of optimism in the future growth of the sector by a more focused and collective public private partnership between the Government and the industry to overcome the constraints and harness the immense potential of tourism sector to contribute to the growth of national economy.

  • HAI represents truly the entire spectrum of the Indian Hotel Industry.

  • HAI has more than a decade of track record of mostly successful interventions with the policy makers of the Nation to the advantage of the Industry.

  • HAI is directed in its programme and the activities by India's professional hoteliers.

  • HAI is completely focused on most of the hotel industry alone with its membership being available exclusively to hotels in the classification category approved by the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism.

  • HAI is mainly affiliated to and enjoys an excellent working relationship with National and International Bodies like CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PATA.

  • HAI also serves as a member of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association .


Hotel Association of India
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Som Dutt Chamber-I
Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi-110 066, India
Tel : +91-11-2617 1110/14
Fax : +91-11-2617 1115
Email : inf[email protected] , [email protected]

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