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This Brahma Temple was built in the 14th century in Pushkar. Standing on a high platform near Pushkar Lake. Pushkar is known for this temple only in the world where Lord Brahma - Creator of the Universe, is worshipped. A goose-the official carrier of Brahma spans the gateway to the temple which is crowned with a red spire.

Significance of the temple
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The Brahma temple is beyond the Nagaparvat and Anasagar Lake in Pushkar which is in Rajasthan. It is a very popular pilgrimage of Hindus.

The legend goes like that Lord Brahma performed a Yagna here, along with all the gods and goddesses. There is also belief that lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma and fell in the valley of Pushkar. Immediately after, that the Sarovar Lake appeared miraculously at that place.

Brahma Temple
The temple has been constructed in marble, in southern style. Even the floor of the temple is decorated with a silver turtle. The statue of Lord Brahma is in a palthi (seated) position in the temple. The temple also includes an image of Lord Vishnu, life sized dwarpals (door men) and Garuda pillars (a mythical bird, in gold).

Marble steps of the temple lead devotees to where a silver turtle lies embossed in the floor facing sanctorum. There are interesting features in the coins studded in the floor, placed by devotees to commemorate the births and deaths of their loved ones. There are images of the peacock which is considered as the vehicle of Brahma's consort Saraswati on the walls. Lord Brahma is shown in a life-size form with four hand and four faces, facing four different directions.

Brahma Temple
Mythical legend says that Brahma once decided to perform a yagna and for this he needed a place on earth. As he was in search for a place when the lotus flower in his hand fell off and landed in Pushkar. Hence, Brahma announced Pushkar as the venue for the yagna as Pushp means flower while kar means hand.

However, unfortunately, Lord Brahma's wife Savitri was not present with him at that point of time. Then later Brahma married a local maid, Gayatri who completed the formalities of Yagna with him. When Savitri arrived there at the spot and discovered Gayatri, she was infuriated. And she cursed Brahma that Pushkar would be the only place where he will be worshipped by his devotees in future.

Time to Visit
Brahma temple specially becomes important during the Kartika Purnima in the months of October- November. This is the season when the sleepy town of Pushkar comes alive with the joyous Pushkar festival. It is also regarded as the time which marks the period during which Brahma performed his Yagna in Pushkar. Numerous people with deep faith in their hearts take a holy dip in the water of Pushkar Lake and bow their head before the Jagat Pita, Lord Brahma.

Other places to Visit

Mahadeva Temple
In 19th Century the Mahadev temple was built and is well-known for its white marble image of Mahadeva with five faces. The Temple is praiseworthy with the structure and the incredible ornaments with which the statue is adorned.

Ramavaikunth Temple
Ramavaikunth Temple In the year 1920, the temple was built here with great taste and delicacy and even also known as one of the largest temples in Pushkar. A team of masons in south India were specially called to build the outer gopuram over the entrance. Another stone gopuram also bears beautiful sculpted images of not less than 360 different deities.
Varah Temple:
In the 12th century the Varah Temple was being built. The Varah Temple was one among the many temples destroyed by Emperor Aurangzeb. It is said that particularly he destroyed the life-size image of Varah, the god with the head of a wild boar and the body of a man. According to mythology it is a very important temple and is believed that Vishnu came on the earth in the incarnation of Warah to kill the demon Hirnayaksh and liberate the land from his atrocities. The temple of Lord Brahma has elegant carvings and sculptures, besides the richly ornamented image house.Varah Temple
Savitri Temple
The Savitri temple is especially dedicated to Goddess Savitri, who is Lord Brahma's first wife. The temple is situated on the hill behind the Bramha Temple and it has a long series of steps has to be climbed to reach. It gives a beautiful panoramic view of the Pushkar Lake, and the surrounding sand dune villages.

Rangji Temple Pushkar
The Rangji temple is very much gracious and is considered very conspicuous, due to its south Indian style of architecture. The temple has a high rising 'Gopuram', typical of southern India.

Nag (Yajna) Hill - A Unique Attraction
Nag Temple is said to be one of the oldest hills in the world which has the height of ten crores yojanas in Satya-yuga, ten lakhs yojanas in Treta-yuga, and ten thousand yojanas in Dwapura-yuga.

It is believed that Kali-yuga its height is decreasing day by day because it is sinking into the earth. The legend conveys that by the end of Kali Yuga it would almost disappear.
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Brahma Temple

How to Reach the Temple
  1. The city of Pushkar in Rajasthan is known as the city of temples. There are over about 400 hundred temples in Pushkar but the main attraction being the temple of Lord Brahma, the only temple in India dedicated to Brahma.

  2. Through Air Pushkar has the closest airport whichis 131 km away in Jaipur.

  3. Through Train -the nearest railway station is in Ajmer (10 km) which has trains to Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur, and Ahmedabad.

  4. Through Bus -by road there are two bus stands in Pushkar-the Marwar bus stand and in the north of town by the post office, which services some long distance places, and the Ajmer bus stand, east of town by the Pushkar Hotel, which has buses to Ajmer and Jaipur. There are many regular buses from Pushkar to Ajmer. The buses for the temple start from Ajmer to Pushkar depart every hour from 6 am to 10 pm from near the Ajmer railway station.