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The state of Andhra Pradesh is known for its beautiful temples. The very much exquisite architecture of these temples adds to the beauty and rich cultural heritage of the state. The temples are spread all over the state. Lord Malleshwara Temple - Vijayawada is one among the various temples in the state.

Significance of the temple
Lord Shiva in the form of Linga is the presiding deity of Lord Malleshwara Temple - Vijayawada. Devotees here at the temple call the linga by various names like Jayasena, Mallikarjuna and Malleshwara. The sculptures engraved on the walls of the temple portray various incidents of the famous Indian Mythology, Mahabharata and the legend of Lord Shiva conferring Arjuna with the Paasupata Astra. The Vijayesvara temple and Malleshvaraswamy temple established by Arjuna and Yudhishtira respectively are located near to this temple.

Gopuram - Devi Bramharambika Temple - Srisailam
Several legends are associated with Lord Malleshwara Temple - Vijayawada. According to one legend, at the opening of Kali Yuga (Saka year 117), Madhava Varma was the ruler of the area. The king's son accidentally killed a poor woman's child. When the mother pleaded for justice at the court of the king, he ordered death sentence to his son. Satisfied with the king's justice, Lord Shiva felicitated the ruler with gold and both the prince and the boy were gifted with life. It is believed that the great sage Agastya, worshipped the shivlingam as Jayasena, whereas Arjuna worshipped him as Malleswara at the Lord Malleshwara Temple - Vijayawada.

The Linga in the sanctum is known by different names like Jayasena, Mallikarjuna and Malleshwara. Sage Agastya had worshipped Lord Shiva in Lord Malleshwara. There are many sculptures depicting events of Mahabharata and the legend of Lord Shiva bestowing the Paasupata Astra on Arjuna.

The Malleswara temple dates to the period of Tribhuvana Malla, a Chalukyan ruler of the 10th century. Malleswara enshrines a Shivalingam and is believed to have been worshipped by sage Agastya. The deity worshipped in the temple is Mallikarjuna. The Puranas call him Malleswara. Legend states that Yudhishthira, to commemorate the victory over south, installed the idol. To this day, the idol is worshipped with a lot of devotion.

Legend: During their wanderings in the forest, the Pandavas came to Darukavana, where they met Veda Vyasa and told them to do penance to Lord Siva, to obtain the Pasupatastra. The lord pleased with the penance of Arjuna took the form of Kirata or hunter. Parvati dressed as a huntress with the Sivaganga came in several disguises.

Devi Bramharambika - Devi Bramharambika Temple
A wild boar came to Arjuna, he being a great warrior, shot it with a single arrow. Lord Shiva also shot it with an arrow, both stuck at the same time. The boar fell dead. Both claimed the kill, and a controversy arose.

Words led to physical quarrel and they both wrestled with each other. Arjuna was no match and was soon exhausted. Even then Arjuna did not forget to worship the lord. To invoke divine favor, he made a Shivalinga out of the earth, worshipped it, and offered prayers and flowers. He realized that the hunter was none but the Lord. The hunter immediately disappeared and Lord Shiva appeared before Arjuna. Arjuna prayed to him and his prayer was granted, and Lord Siva gave Pasupatha to him. To commemorate this event, Arjuna installed the Vijayeswara temple on the Indrakila hill.

Architecture: The Malleswaraswami Temple is a rock cut cave temple. There is a pillar and a slab within the temple. The pillar contains inscriptions and this monument is of great historical and archaeological value, since this inscription is from the 9th century in Telugu script. It is recorded from bottom upwards. It states that a certain Thrikoti Boyi or Trikoti Boyu, the son of Kaliyama-Boy of Pechchevada, set the pillar to commemorate his fame, in order to secure distinction for his race. The Thrikoti Boyi is Guhyaka Yaksha, who in Dwaparayuga directed Arjuna to Indrakila hill on Indra's behest.

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Devi Bramharambika Temple

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  • Through Airways: The nearest airport is the domestic airport located at Gannavaram, about 20-km, from the city. It connects Vijayawada to Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam. It is just a 30-minute flight away from Hyderabad.

  • Through Railways:Through Railways, situated along the Chennai- Howrah and Chennai-Delhi rail route, Vijayawada is the largest railway junction of the South Central Railway. There are a number of express and super fast trains, connecting Vijayawada with almost all the important places of the country.

  • Through Roadways:The city has a good network of roads that connects Vijayawada with all the places within the state and also with the major cities in India. One can use the services of the buses of Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC).

  • Through Local Transport: For local transportation tourist taxis, metered taxis, auto rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws are available. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) offers bus services, connecting important places within the city with each other.