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The Indian Agricultural Association is mainly the national body of agricultural graduates in India. The members of this professional body are the ones who are agricultural graduates scattered along the length and breadth of the country as well as from outside its borders. Indian Agricultural Association is the only National Level Professional body of agricultural graduates in India, which is being involved in promoting the scientific practice of agriculture. In India, Agriculture graduates are mostly scattered in various fields such as State Departments, Central Research Institutes, Agricultural Universities, Public and Private sector undertakings ,Banking institutions, Non Governmental Organizations and also Commodity boards, etc and are associated with different service organizations in their respective fields.

Indian Agriculture association
No forum is functioning at National level for these agricultural graduates in professional line. This is the inspiration behind IAA. It strives mainly for the wholistic development of the agrarian community for the development of the self as well as the nation by acting as a link between the various stake holders in the agricultural scenario by bringing together the agricultural / horticultural graduates in the county under one umbrella. IAA aims to promote and advance the scientific practices in agriculture for the benefit of the farming community.

With this in mind the association organizes agricultural seminars, coaching classes, workshop on agriculture development, refresher courses for professionals, orientation programmes for fresh graduates, media workshops on agriculture, technical campaigns, debates on burning issues related to agriculture such as climate change and Bt brinjal controversy and academic courses in association with other institutions. The extension - research coordination initiated by the association goes a long way in mitigating the gap between the lab and the field. The diverse nature of the members drawn from different organizations makes the liaison work with Government agencies much easier. The manpower bank being set up goes a long way in meeting the human resource development needs of fresh graduates.

Objectives of IAA:
  • To promote and advance the scientific practices of agriculture in the whole country and to strive for assisting the farming community for their holistic development.
  • To work mainly for the achievement of professionalism in agriculture, and maintain the honor and dignity and uphold the interest of the Agriculture profession.

  • To work for the prevention of mainly the dilution in professionalism in the field of agriculture and to enact the role of facilitator for the member of association to satisfy their needs for hi-tech information on agriculture and to act as a body to impart the necessary skills and practical know-how in this area of knowledge.

  • To act as an instrument for identifying specific opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment in the field of agriculture to the members of the association. To bring together those who hold a degree in agriculture in the country under a common umbrella, and thereby foster co-operation and fraternity among them.

  • The members of the association shall comprise of those who hold usually degree in Agriculture/Horticulture.

  • Mode of admission - every application for membership be made to the General Secretary of the association in prescribed form together with admission and subscription fee. He shall then place it before the Executive committee for decision.

  • The Executive committee will have the power to admit or reject the application .In the case of rejection the reason there to will be recorded.

  • Honorary Membership of the central committee shall be empowered to nominate as honorary members. Such person whom the committee may deem fit and such honorary member will have no voting right.

  • Direct Annual Membership Person eligible for membership will be directly admitted to the association, and will be transferred to the concerned chapter as and when they come into existence. The membership fee shall be Rs 120/- year and Rs. 100 /- as admission fee.

  • Life Membership -those who pay an amount of Rs 2000/- would be eligible to become life time Member according to the bye-law laid down for the purpose from time to time.

  • Life couple Membership -Couple who pay an amount of Rs 3000/- will be eligible to become Life Couple Members as long as they remain as a couple.

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