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The Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is an apex body representing the interests of the machine tool industry in the country. Established in the year 1947, the organization is involved in enhancing competitiveness of the Indian machine tool industry. It is also a member of some of the most distinguished organizations across the world. IMTMA has initiated several programmes to boost the machine tool industry and increase sales and export volumes. It maintains most of the comprehensive database of foreign importers of Indian machine tools and related products. Furthermore, it disseminates the most useful information on R&D and latest manufacturing technologies to help its members become globally competitive.

Some of the primary objectives of IMTMA include:
  • Facilitating technological up-gradation in the sector

  • Helping the industry to become globally competitive

  • Promoting international collaboration

  • Formulating effective strategies

  • Spreading information about the industry

  • Organizing seminars and trade fairs to open up business opportunities for Indian companies in the sector.

  • Improve the industry's image.

  • Enhance productivity and competitiveness in manufacturing.

  • Upgrade quality and technology standards.

  • Develop Vision, Mission and strategies, at the industry level as well as at the organizational level.

  • Interact with customers and users.

  • Interact with Government on policy issues important to the industry

  • Foster international linkages.

  • Disseminate information about the industry and its achievements.

  • Provide business opportunities through exhibitions, trade missions and related activities.
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association - IMTMA is deeply committed to support its membership to increase competitiveness, enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and ensure growth and prosperity. It does so with the aim to assist to the membership to become merely cost effective, technology driven, and ever responsive to customers changing needs. And that is precisely why IMTMA is today recognized as the sole voice of the Indian machine tool industry - its membership constituting over 90 per cent of this strategic sector in the country. When India gained independence in 1947, the Indian Machine Tool industry also received a facelift with the inception of Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers's Association (IMTMA). The association has been started for promotional support then, represents the entire manufacturing industry today.

Machine Tool Manufactures association
The initiatives and activities of IMTMA are constantly focused at providing something in return to the industry, for the industry and by the industry. Whether it is hosting the flagship event 'IMTEX' - a niche b2b South and South East Asia's exhibition or short term 'Seminars and Workshops' on an array of machining technologies, organising 'Technology Mission' to international Trade fairs for CEOs or conducting 'Finishing School' for fresh graduates to give them a professional touch, voicing the 'demands of the industry' to the government or hosting 'Productivity Championship Awards' to recognize the budding talents of the industry, IMTMA is actively working towards supporting the machine tool industry to flourish on a global magnitude.

For being the member of Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) one should apply for one of the seven categories of membership. This is based on the products manufactured, turnover, constitution of the company, manufacturing/non manufacturing/trading activities, etc. The applicant or the firm may decide the membership category based on these factors. The turnover of the company should be net of duties and taxes and should be for the year immediately preceding the year of application. For the details on membership category, entrance and annual membership fees along with voting rights for members, The standard list of Machine Tool Codes (HS Codes) are categorised into Group A, B & C classification. IMTMA is governed by a 15 Member Executive Committee, elected from amongst the Association Members every year. The Executive Committee is headed by its office-bearers-the President and Vice President, elected from amongst them. They are assisted by a permanent Secretariat of the Association consisting of the Secretary and Executive Director of IMTMA. Comprising large, medium and small scale units, the membership of IMTMA manufactures / trades in the entire range of metalworking machine tools; accessories and other ancillary equipment for machine tools; and cutting tools and tooling systems. IMTMA is the single point of contact for the machine tool industry in India.

Benefits of Members
  • Exhibit the company's products at IMTEX - the annual flagship event at concessional rates

  • Access various technical publications

  • Access key industry data/information

  • Access market study reports on products/user segments

  • Access to business market and opportunities

  • Avail opportunities for interactions with the key customer segments across industry

  • Avail opportunities for sharing their views/thoughts with other members and industry leaders

  • Participate at international events/exhibitions under the group participation schemes of IMTMA

  • Participate in inward/outward trade delegations

  • Participate in B2B technology and business missions in India and abroad

  • Benefit from technology support services

  • Benefit from Export Development Cell

  • Benefit from Cluster initiatives

  • Avail discount in various training programmes

  • Nominate prominent industry professionals of ones own choice to IMTMA awards

  • Publicize their special achievements

  • Publicize their products in the comprehensive Guide of the Indian Machine Tools (GIM)

  • Scout for talent using IMTMA website
IMTMA has over the years deeply committed itself to the support of the industry to increase competitiveness, technology, productivity and quality to ensure its overall advancement and growth. The Association is also proactive in taking new initiatives to promote advancement of metalworking manufacturing industry in India. IMTMA plays a key role in the growth and development of this industry and is its single point of contact in India.

  • Compiling and publishing Industry Data

  • Technology Missions

  • Training and Seminars

  • Mega Events

  • Business and Market updatations

  • Export Development

  • Policy and Government Advocacy

  • Trade Fairs, including globally recognised exhibitions with like IMTEX, Tooltech and MMS

  • Regional Council

  • Vision and Udaan workshops

  • Publications

  • Cluster Development programmes, etc.

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