Indian Dynasty had a great rulers like Chandra Gupta I, Samudra Gupta, etc..,

History of India and its dynasties dates back to at least 6500 BC which perhaps makes the oldest surviving in the world.

Many great dynasties and civilizations have their names writing in Indian history. Some of the important dynasties of India are as follows.
Chalikya Dynasty Chalukya Dynasty - Chalukya Dynasty ruled in Southern part of India(Gujarat and Karnataka). The ruling period was 6th to 8th & 10th to 12th Century. The most famous rulers in the empire of the Chalukyas were Pulakesin I and Pulakesin II.
Chola Dynasty Chola Dynasty - Chola Dynasty rulers ruled in Tamilnadu, Patna, Bihar, Bengal and Srilanka. The period was 300 B.C. to 1250 A.D. The most famous rulers of Chola Dynasty were Vijayalaya, Aditya-I, Rajraja Chola, etc..,
Gupta Dynasty Gupta Dynasty - Gupta Dynasty ruled area was Bihar, Uttar Pradesh. The ruled period was 320 - 550 A.D. The most prominent rulers of Gupta Dynasty were Chandragupta and Samudragupta.
Hoysala Dynasty Hoysala Dynasty - They ruled the kingdom of Karnataka and their period was 10th to 14th Century, rulers of Hoysala dynasty were Nripa Kama II, Veera Ballala III,etc.
Kakatiya Dynasty Kakatiya Dynasty - Location of Kakatiya Dynasty was Andhra Pradesh. Period of Kakatiya dynasty was 1100 - 1474 A.D. Rulers of Kakatiya was Gundaya, Prola II, etc.
Kalachuri Dynasty Kalachuri Dynasty - The geographical area of Kalachuri dynasty was Central part of India( west Madhya pradesh and Rajasthan) and southern part of India(Karnataka), the Dynasty ruled from 10th - 12th Century. The founder of this dynasty was Kokalla I.
Khilji Dynasty Khilji Dynasty - The area of Khilji Dynasty was Northern part of India i.e. Gujarat, Malwa, Ujjain.The period when the dynasty ruled was 1201 - 1390 AD. The ruler of Khilji Dynasty was Jalaluddin Khilji
Koravi Dynasty Koravi Dynasty - Koravi is a name of Clan living in Karnataka, Maharashtra & Deccan region. The rulers of Korai Dynasty were Raja Sangappa II, Veera Basappa I, Shri Murusavirappa I, Jagadisha Ramappa II.
Kushan Dynasty Kushan Dynasty - Kushan Dynasty ruled in northern part of India(Jammu & Kashmir), in the years of 200 BC - 300 BC. The rulers of this Dynasty were Vima Takto, Vima Kadphises, Kanishka I, Vasishka, Huvishka, Vasudeva I.
Lodhi Dynasty Lodhi Dynasty - The ruled area of Lodhi Dynasty was central part of India - Delhi, Punjab, the dynasty lasted from 1451 - 1526. Rulers of this dynasty were Buhlul Lodi, Sikandar Lodi, Ibrahim lodhi.
Magdha Dynasty Magadha Dynasty - The geographical area of Magadha dynasty was west part of India - Bihar & Patna, which ruled from 684 B.C. - 320 B.C. King Bindusara of the Haryanka dynasty is the founder of Magadha dynasty
Maratha Empire Maratha Empire - The Maratha empire is located in the south west of India, which ruled from 1674 - 1818, founder of Maratha empire was Shivaji Bhosale.
Maurya Dynasty Maurya Dynasty - The Mauryan Empire was the first major empire in the history of India and ruled the land from 322 BC to 185 BC. Important rulers of this dynasty were Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, and King Ashoka.Almost all of the subcontinent was conquered by the Mauryan Empire.
Mughal Dynasty Mughal Dynasty - The Mughals ruled from Kabul to Assam and Kashmir to Tanjore on vast regions of India, they ruled from 1526 to 1858 or 16th to 18th century. Zahiruddun Mohammed Babur founded the Mughal Emphire in India.
Pala Dynasty Pala Dynasty - Pala Dynasty ruled in Bihar and Bengal regions of South Asia, in the period of 750 - 1174 AD. The founder of the Pala Dynasty was Gopala.
Pallava Dynasty Pallava Dynasty - Pallava Dynasty was a pastoral tribe who ruled the southern parts of India(Chennai, Andhra Pradwsh) for almost 500 years. Simha Vishnu is the founder of Pallava dynasty.
Rastrakuta Dynasty Rastrakuta Dynasty- The Rashtrakuta Dynasty ruled south India i.e. Karnataka from 725 -985 A.C.E. The word Rastra in Sanskrit means region and kuta indicates Chieftains. Dantidurga of Rashtrakuta dynasty was the first and the most important king.
Satvahana Dynasty Satavahana Dynasty - Satavahanas were referred as Andhras or the Andhra Dynasty.The Empire was established in the 3rd Century BC in the western Deccan Plateau. Simukha was the founder of Satavahana dynasty.
Shashanka Dynasty Shashanka Dynasty- Shashanka (600-625), the first recorded independent king of Bengal, created the first unified political entity in Bengal.
Tuglaq Dynasty Tuglaq Dynasty - The founders real name was Ghazi Malik and he ruled from 1320 - 1325. He founded the city of Tughlaqabad outside Delhi.
Vardhan Dynasty Vardhan Dynasty- Vardhan Dynasty rulers ruled in Delhi, Punjab, Bengal and Gujarat. The period was 580 - 647 AD. Prabhakara Vardhana was the one who founded the Vardhana dynasty.
Vijayanagar Dynasty Vijayanagar Dynasty- The Vijayanagar Empire was a South Indian dynasty based in the Deccan i.e. Karnataka. It was founded by Harihara I and his sibling Bukka Raya in 1336, the empire ruled untill 1646.